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Spa Massage Treatments

spa tableRelaxation Massage — 60 Min
This popular full-body massage offers a gentle to medium intensity. Designed to increase circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation. » $95.00

Therapeutic Massage — 60 Min
This deep massage targets sore muscles and enhances muscle recovery after exercise or sports. » $95.00

Dew Drop Therapy — 60 Min
Our version of Raindrop Therapy. Nine different essential oils are dropped along the spine, one at a time. The therapist then feathers the oils, from the spine, out along the nerve pathways. This treatment is ideal for those with lowered immune systems, spinal problems or those who just want to relax. » $125.00

Warm Stone Massage — 60 Min
Heated rocks are placed in key locations on the body, helping to soothe and rejuvenate the muscles. The therapist then uses the rounded rocks to massage out remaining tension. The deep warmth experienced from the hot stones is very soothing during a Canadian winter! » $125.00

Spa Body Treatments

spa roomHerbal Wrap — 60 Min
A unique blend of herbs chosen for their detoxifying properties will help clear your body, mind and soul. » $95.00