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Made a reservation and now you can’t keep it? Things happen – sometimes you can’t get away when you thought. We’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you. Our Cancellation Policy is:


A non refundable deposit of one night room rate or 25% of cottage nights reserved (whichever is greater) is processed at the time the booking is made to guarantee your reservation. The balance is due upon arrival and is charged to your credit card at that time. Reservations are guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit and a copy of your booking folio will be emailed to you for your files. We will honor your reservation by not offering your Dates / Cabin to anyone else.


Please note: When booking a packages getaway the deposit is based on the room nights and not the package value.


Our Cancellation Policy is 30 days for Cabins, so please be sure to call within that time period or send us an email if you are not able to keep your reservation. We will confirm your cancellation with a written email for your files along with your confirmation number.


If you cancel with less than 30 days for Cabins, we reserve the right to fully charge for all nights for which we are unable to secure a replacement booking. We will issue a full refund, less the non refundable deposit fee provided we are able to rent the Cabin to another guest for the entire reserved period. Please note: the cancellation policy also applies to reservations booked with Gift Certificates. ”No Shows” and unscheduled early departures are subject to full payment for all nights reserved.


Since our reservation and cancellation policies must be more restrictive than a large hotel, we recommend you consider traveler’s insurance to protect your vacation. A cancellation is very disappointing to both the guests who have decided to cancel and the owners of The Rocking R Guest Ranch. In most instances, we will have turned away other guests who would have reserved for your dates. Click on the link for an instant quote and purchase options:

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