Getting Married in a Pandemic

Tying the knot in a Pandemic is “knot” what you hoped it would be! Most couples want to share their special day with family and friends and many have a hard time keeping their guest list to a reasonable size. The Pandemic has certainly eliminated that problem – couples are now told how many guests they can invite to their wedding!

This has created a great deal of stress for the couples hoping to get married at our guest ranch this summer/fall. A few of our 2020 couples moved their weddings to 2021 and two of those have now moved their weddings to 2022! That makes for a very long engagement and a feeling that your life, as you hoped it would be, is now on hold. The whole world is in a holding pattern right now. Nobody knows what the future will bring so we have to work with what we have.

If you really want to get married this year just do it! Find a beautiful spot, plan a special dinner (even if it just for the two of you) dress up, splurge on flowers, invite your closest family and friends and have a fantastic time! Getting married is fun with or without a whole bunch of people. Being in the wedding business I have witnessed many marriages and nothing warms my heart more than watching two people make that commitment to each other. Whether you say “I do” with 50 people or 500 people it will not change how wonderful that moment is! If you have your heart set on a party you can always host a “Happily Ever After the Pandemic Party” next year! This year you can still feed each other cake, sip champagne on a blue sky day and dance to your favourite song under a blanket of stars. After all, it is the two of you that will make your wedding day special – nobody else can do that for you! 

Perhaps you had your dream wedding planned and that planning took forever! The last thing you want to do is plan another wedding….so why not let our team at the Rocking R Guest Ranch handle all of the details for you. If you want to invite guests to your intimate event we can set up an outdoor bar or a champagne reception; appetizers can be added if you like. The ranch features many beautiful spots to take pictures and we will provide a photographer or a videographer to capture your special moments. Book an afternoon ceremony, followed by a carriage ride with champagne or book a candlelight ceremony followed by a dip in the hot tub and two nights in a beautiful boutique cottage featuring scenic views of the lake and the mountains. Enjoy breakfast delivered to your cottage daily, horseback riding along the canal and evenings around the campfire. Add a romantic three-course dinner and enjoy a bottle of wine while the sun dips into the lake.

Don’t let the pandemic rob you of your special day…take it back and make it what you want it to be!