Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology

There has been life on earth for 3.9 billion years – let the Royal Tyrrell Museum take you on a journey through geological time. The Royal Tyrrell Museum, located in the heart of the Alberta Badlands, opened in September 1985. In the first year the museum had nearly 600,000 visitors and hundreds of thousands continue to visit this world class museum every year.


Watch the museum staff prepare fossils for research and display, view a gigantic recreation of underwater life from 350 million years ago, walk through the living cretaceous garden or visit the dinosaur hall which features dozens of life sized skeletons of ancient dinosaurs.
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Looking for a great summer camp for your children? Why not enroll them in one of the many summer programs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum? They will sleep in a real teepee, dig for dinosaur bones in the Alberta Badlands and reconstruct an actual dinosaur! Throughout the week the kids will have fun exploring the museum and the surrounding badlands in a safe well-supervised environment.


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